Thursday, January 2, 2020

Elegy in 4/4

Neil Young once sang
it's better to burn out
than to fade away     which was
also    coincidentally
quoted at the end of Kurt Cobain’s
suicide note

we're always fixated     on youth
aren't we?

better to be famous when
old men can     sexualize // monetize you
when you
look taut in bikinis and heels
as saliva drips on
the magazine spread

your legs

Christina Aguilera once sang
you gotta rub me the right way
as a teen     and even as a teen I

knew that was super creepy

but that’s still played
on the radio     and we all
listen to it     bob our heads
sing along like


have you ever thought that     when Britney
the Spears one     went batshit
and shaved her head
maybe that was the first thing
she could do

for herself

*Published in Kissing Dynamite Issue 13